Yellow fungus


Yellow fungus generally also called muccorseptic.It is more dangerous than both black fungus and white fungus. The yellow fungus, which normally affects reptiles.

Symptoms of yellow fungus:-

The yellow fungus generally symptoms are lethargy, weight loss, low appetite or no appetite &another symptoms of yellow fungus are sunken eyes or the formation and leakage of pus. The fungus is said to hinder the healling of wounds prolonging the process, and can also results in organ failure, malnutrition and eventually lead to necrosis in extreme cases.

X-ray or CT scan will be able to detect these cases of fungus.

The causes of yellow fungus:-

The yellow fungus causes mainlly high humidity to old food, however the primary cause is said to be poor hygiene.

Old food,proper disposal of faces can prevent the bacteria and fungus from expanding. Humidity in a close space (house and office) should not be above the 30-40%range as high moisture environment promote the growth of fungus. Yellow fungus normally affects reptiles, if left treated the yellow fungus infections can cause death yellow fungus infections is mainly cause by bad hygiene.It has effect for weak immunity.

Treatment of yellow fungus:-

Amphotericine B injection which is an anti-fungal drug is used in the yellow fungus treatment. If left treated the yellow fungus infections can cause death. In home keep your house &surrounding clean or do not consume stale food.

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