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Why mice and rats are used in research?

Between Rats & Mice the rats are comparetively just bigger in size, than mice for this reason rats are often choosen by the scientists for their experiment or research.

Now a question arises that why only rats or mice in most of the research work. It’s because the rats/mice are pretty much similar to humans. So for those experiments ; where scientists research, for the betterment of human beings like research for medicines, drugs, transplants vaccination, in tectims and many more cases.

The main factors why the mice/rats are choosen are :-

(1) The physiology, physical activities of rats are pretty much similar to humans.

So that different kinds of human disease like fever, AIDS, cancer, Diabetes, Hypertension etc. also occurs to rats.

For an example let’s suppose that. I have to research on AIDS. Then it’s to my research work in rats rather than a human body and when it become successful. I would implement on human body.

(2) Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes, while rats have 21pairs and mice have 20pairs and 90% of human genes are similar to rat genes.

(3) Humans need 13-18 years to become ready to do sex and produce a baby whether the rats take only 3 months.

The rats can reprature 2lakh basis only in 18 months. Their life -span is also very short as compared to humans. They can live approximately 3years . This factor gives a great advantage to the researcher .

(4) Rats brains looks very similar to humans brain. Human brain is very big and complex as compared to rats. So it’s easy to study a rat brain rather than a human brain. Rat is also a mammal and also founds haemoglobin as in humans.

(5) The respiratory system, digestive system and many other parts of rats /mice are also very similar to humans.

These are the major facts /reasors ; why the rats /mice are used in most of the research work.

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