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Type – Mammals
Diet – Carnivore
Colour – Yellow, Black, Dark brown, Golden
Weight – 30 to 90 kg
Hight – 18 to 31in
Length – 100 cm to 190cm ( 40 to 50 in)
Range – sub- Saharan Africa & Souther Asia
Life span – 12 to 17 years
Skin type – Fur
Other name – panther
Scientific name – panthera pardus
Age of Sexual maturity – 2 to 2.5 years
Population – 7000,000+ in Africa & 10,000 in India
Top speed – 58 km/h
Bite force – 94 BFQ

Interesting facts About Leopard with Q&A:-

What is the another name of the Leopard ?
# Panther

What is the scientific name of the Leopard ?
# Panthera pardus

What is the name of the leopard female ?

What do you call a male Leopard ?

How did leopard gets it’s name ?
#  “Leopard ” Came from a Greek Word “Leopardus “.its combination of the 2 word’s  Leon(lion) + Pardus (panther) .

What is the baby name of leopard?

What is leopard called in India?
#Indian leopard ( panthera pardus fusca)

What is the lifespan of  Leopard?
# 12-17 years

What is the most common leopard?
#mostly 7types of subspecies leopard found in the over world, but “African leopard ” Most common.

Are leopard aggressive?
#more aggressive

Is a leopard friendly?

How big is a full grown leopard?

What is  a length of a leopard?

What is the biggest leopard in the world?
#Persian Leopard ( 9feet long)

What is the weight of leopard?

What is the snow leopard weight?

What is the male and female leopard weight?
#male – 37 to 90kg (81.6 to 198.4 Ib), female – 28 to 60kg (61.7 to 132.3 Ib)

What is the Indian leopard weight?
#male – 50 to 77 kg, female – 29 to 34 kg

What is the Persian leopard weight?
#male – 132pound (59kg) , female – 110pounds (49kg)

What is the African leopard weight?
#male – 60kg, female – 35 to 40 kg

Is a leopard bigger than a jaguaar?
#jaguar are bigger than leopard

What does a leopard like to eat?
#they feed many animals, birds, lizard, fish etc.

How does leopards gets it’s food?
#They grabs using claws and bites the animals, then eats.

What is the personality of a leopard?
#well – camouflaged fur
#hunting behaviour
#Broad diet

What is the special about a leopard?
#strongest members of the big-cat family
#Able to climb tree, fast running, swimming etc.

Are leopards loyal for human?
#no, they are generally avoid human.

What do leopards look like?
#they have distinctive dark spots called rosettes; it’s creat them beautiful.

What is the leopards pattern called?

What is leopards colour?
#most of the colour – pale yellow to gray to chestnut

What is leopards skin?

What colour are leopards eyes?
#green or blues eyes and some have brown eyes.

Who can eats leopards?
#lion, group of Hyenas and competitors

How do leopards hunts in the dark?
#they have ability to see in the low -light conditions, so mostly they hunts in the dark.

How does a leopards mate?
#the male forces the female back into estrus.

Do, leopards have mating season?
#yes , it’s between january to mid-march.

Do, leopards have multiple mates?
#yes, a female leopards attemp to mates with multiple males in this area.

What is a group of leopard called?
#A leap

Where do leopard like to live?
#South Asia, Africa, Siberia

What kinds of tree do leopards live in?
#rain forest, savana

Which country have most snow leopards?
#china (Snow leopard 2000/2500 )

Whare is leopard found in India?
#most leopard found in “Sundarban”.

What is the leopard top speed?

How high can a leopard jump?
#10feet (3meters)

How many distance can a leopard jumps?
#20feet ( 6 meters)

How much weight a leopard can carry?
#upto 3 times their body weight.

How many leopard are left in the world?
#according to 2022 survey 100 amur leopard.

Are leopard population are increase or decrease?
#30% of leopard population decline

Why is the leopard going extinct?
#human pressure ( hunting, circus, zoos, under private ownership).

How many leopards are there in the world?
#7000, 000+ in Africa & 10,000+ in India

Are leopards colour blind?

How many bones are there in a leopard?

Sleeping with open or close eyes ?
#close eyes

What are the strongest parts on a leopard body?
#strong legs, jaw lines

Which sides are stronger on a leopard body?
#Both sides

How many time a leopard live without food?
#2-3 months

How many distance a leopard can see?

How many times a leopard can sleep?
#up to 18hours  in a day

How many cubs do leopard have a life time?
#2 to 7 cubes

How many time a leopard cub spent time with mother?
#14 – 16 months

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