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In this article we will discuss about what is Preoperative nursing care assessment? 

* Introduction of Preoperative
* Definition of Preoperative
* Essential Steps in Preoperative Assessment
* Preparation of Patients
* Preparing of Person on the Day of Surgery
* Skin Preparation
* Why Sleep is important in Preoperative
* Procedure of preoperative
* Arranging the Theatre List
* Appropriate Equipment
* Operating List
* Prioritized Patients
* Nurse Responsibilities
* Summary
* Conclusion


A preoperative assessment clinic is essential to gather all information optimise co morbidities and then organise anesthetic, surgical and postoperative care before surgery actually takes place.

Preoperative care
Preoperative care

Definition :

* Preoperative is the preparation and manage ment of a patient prion to surgery.
* The preoperative period runs from the time the patient is admitted to hospital or surgicenter to the time that the surgery begins.

Essential Steps in Preoperative Assessment:

– History taking
– Physical examination
– Collating pre-admission information about diagnosis.
– Arranging any further diagnostics investigation.
– Making special preparations for the particular operation.
– Investigating and any inter current or occult illness suggested by medical clerking.

Preparation of Patients:

Preparing of Person on the Day of Surgery Preparing of Person on the Day of Surgery:-
Instruct patient to remove dentures or partial plate , contact lenses, glasses, or Prostheses . I may remove his hearing aid. However , if the patient wishes to keep his hearing aid in place, information operating room and PACU staff of this decision.

Skin Preparation :

– The surgical site is cleansed with an antimicrobial to remove soil and reduce the residents microbial count to sub pathogenic levels.

– Remove the hair at the site of surgery.

Sleep :


– Nurse should do everything to help the client sleep the night before surgery, often a sedative is ordered.

– Adequate sleep helps the client manage the stress of surgery and helps healing.

Vital Sings :

– In the preoperative phase the nurse assessment and documents vital signs for baseline data.

– The nurse reports any abnormal findings,such as elevate blood pressure or elevated temperatures.

Procedure :

– Gathering and recording concisely all relevant information.
– Planning to minimise risk and maximise benefit for the patient.
– Prepared for adverse events and how to deal with them.
– Communication with patient and all members of the team.

Arranging the Theatre List :

– Date, place and time of operation should be matched with availability of the personal.

Appropriate Equipment :

– Appreciate equipment and instruments should be made available.

Operating List :

Should be distributed as early as possible to all staff who are involved.

Prioritized Patients :

– Children and diabetic patients.
– Life and limb-threatening surgery.
– Cancer patients

Nurse Responsibilities :

– Providing a peaceful and secure environment.
– Providing information and it’s related risk factors and the nature of the cerebral artery aneurysm to patient and his/her relatives.
– Teaching and motivating a preoperative patients.
– Prevention of constipation and arterial blood pressure increase.
– The pre-operative nurse is responsible for assessing the patient’s physical, psychologic and social states, Preparing the patient for surgery and implementing nursing intervention.

Summary :

The pre-operative assessment is an opportunity to identify co-morbidities that may lead to patient complications during the anaesthetic, surgical Or post Operative period . Patient schedule for elective procedures will generally attended a pre-operative assessment 2-4 weeks before the date of their surgery.

Conclusion :

The anticipated out come of preoperative preparation is a patient who is informed about the surgical course, and copes with it successfully. The goal to decrease complication and promote recovery.

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