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Quick Facts:

Type– Mammal
Diet– Grasses & Leaves
Colour– Light Sandy Brown, White underbelly, Back and white marking legs
Hight – 2.1 to 2.6ft ( 65 to 75 CM)
Weight – 46 to 50 kg
Length – male -46. 9 in to Female 36.2 to 47.6 in
Habitat – Mountainous
Range – Northeastern Africa and Arabian Peninsula
Life Spane – 10 to 12 yr
Other Name – Capra Nubiana
Scientific Name – Capra Nubiana
Age of sexual maturity – 2yrs
Population – 2400 individual

Interesting facts about Nubian Ibex :

What is the another name of the Nubian Ibex?
#Capra Nubiana

What is the scientific name of  Nubian Ibex?
#Capra Nubiana

What is the name of female Nubian ibex?
#Does or nannys

What is the name of male Nubian ibex?
#bucks or billys

What is the baby name of the Nubian ibex?
#cubs & kids

What is Nubian ibex called in India?
#Mountain goat

Are Nubian ibex am aggressive?

Is a  nubian ibex friendly?

How big is a full grown Nubian ibex?
#50kg (110 Ib)

What is the length of a Nubian ibex?
#male – 46.9 to 62.6 in  &  Female – 36.2 to 47.6 CM

What is the biggest Nubian Ibex in the world?
#Siberian ibex weight 34 to 132 kg ( 75 to 290 Ib & length 51 to 65 in ( 130 to 165 Ib).

What is the weight of Nubian Ibex?
#46 to 50 kg

What is the maximum weight of the a Nubian ibex?
#26 to 66 kg

What does a Nubian ibex like to eat?
#Leaves & Grasses

How does Nubian ibex gets its food?
#use their legs & mouth

What is the personality of a Nubian ibex?
#climb to the rock mountain ; so they are called mountain goat.

What is special about a Nubian ibex?
#climb to the rock mountain and male Nubian ibex horns are large, circular with annual rings, it’s special from them.

Are Nubian ibex are loyal for human?

What are the Nubian ibex look like?

What is Nubian ibex colour?
#light sandy Brown, white underbelly black & white marking legs.

What colour are Nubian ibex?

Who can eat Nubian ibex?
#lion , tiger, wolf, hyena, human etc

How does a Nubian ibex mate?
#Male Nubian ibex fight with female for mate

Do Nubian ibex have mating season?

Do Nubian ibex have multiple mates?

What is a group of Nubian ibex called?

Where do Nubian ibex like to live?
#Desert mountain, hills, rocky etc.

Which country have most Nubian ibex?
#Switzerland & Israel

Where is Nubian ibex found in India?
#Ladakh , Jammu & Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh.

What is the Nubian Ibex top speed?
#18 to 20 km

How high can a Nubian ibex jump?
#4 to 6 feet

How many distance can a Nubian ibex jump?

How many Nubian ibex are left in the world?
#last 15 years around 8,000 to 10,000 over world.

Are Nubian ibex extinct?

Why Nubian ibex are extinct?
#Hunting for meat, skin and horn

How many Nubian ibex are there in the world?
#around 2600

Are Nubian ibex are colour blind?

Sleeping with open or close eyes?

What are the strongest part on the Nubian ibex body?
#legs and head

Which sides are stronger on a Nubian ibex body?
#both side

How many time a Nubian ibex live without food?
#24 to 28 days

How many distance a Nubian ibex can see?
#they can see 320 to 340 degree around 1.5 to 2 km.

How many cubes do Nubian ibex have a life time?
#14 to 16

How many times a Nubian ibex cubs spend with mother?
#4 to 5 month

How many times  a Nubian ibex sleep in a day?
#5 to 6 hr

Quick Notes:-

Nubian ibex:
Nubian ibex are know as mountain goat. They can climb to the Rocky, mountain hills.

Nubian ibex diet:
The Nubian ibex mainly like to live in dry, rough mountain;so they are eat leaves and grasses.

Nubian ibex Horns:
Male Nubian ibex horns are large circular annual rings.Male have 4.5 to 8 inches [ 12 to 20 CM] and female have 0.7 to 1.5 inches [ 2 to 4 CM ] it can grow 1st 5 years.

Nubian ibex Adaptation:
Nubian ibex are only ibex in the over world, they’re adapt in the Hot  . They have a shiny coats it’s help them form sunlight and it also waterproof for rain.

Nubian ibex in Israel:
Nubian ibex are mostly found in Israel. In Israel their population are 1,200 individual . The mostly we can see Nubian ibex in Israel  are nearby Sde Boker, overlooking Nahal Zin.

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