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Type – Mammals
Diet – Herbivore
Colour – White, Grey – Brown
Weight – 94kg above
Hight – male : 41 to 45in ,Female : 37 to 43in
Length – 47 to 51 in with a 9.8 to 13.8 in tail
Range – Areas of Niger, chad, Mali, Mauritania, Libya, Sudan, Tunisia, Morocco
Life span – 19 to 25 years
Skin type – hair
Other name – White antelope, screw horn antelope, bakr alwahsah
Scientific name – Addax nasomaculatus
Age of Sexual maturity – 2 years for males, 2 to 3 years for females.

Interesting Facts About Addax Deer :

Addax is a unidentified ancient N. African language ;its means a large antelope with a greyish and white coat, native to the desert of North Africa.

They are belongs to the bovidae family.

Addax are shy behavior Animals . They are mainly like to living in group ( 5 to 20 members every group).

Life span of those animals are up to 25 years and it’s body weight different types in males and females.

The male addax weight 100 to 125 kg ( 220 to 276 Ib) and females addax weight 60 to 90 ( 130 to 200 Ib) .

Those types of mammals are hight males are 41 to 45 in ( 105 to 115 CM) at the shoulder and females 37 to 43 in ( 95 to 110 CM) at the shoulder

They are mainly depends different types of grasses and leaves of any available shrubs for food.

Addax are travels one place to another place for searching foods. They can live long time without drink water.

Addax are mostly found in Areas of Niger, Chad, Mali, Mauritania, Libya, Sudan, Tunisia & Morocco.

Addax are mostly spends time with groups.

Addax have strong legs and beautiful horns ( male female are same size). This is one of the most endangered mammals in the world.

An addax capable to average top running speed is 30 to 40 km per hour.

Addax are white Grey-brown in colour & Hairy skin types. Those animals are amazing creation in nature.

Addax can jumps in average 5 to 6 feet hight.

They are mainly developed their pair bond during mating season.

They have age of sexual maturity is 2 years for males & 2 to 3 years for females.

They are mating with same group members.

At this time mostly less than 500 individual addax living in the world.

Mostly they are killed by human fir their meats, skin and Horn’s. Climate change is the another most reason for them.

Some addax are colours blinds like human. They can’t seen short blue, lightly red colours.

Addax have 327 bones in their body an some tiny bone are present.

Legs & Horns are strongest part on addax bodies.

Mother addax’s gestation time 257 to 264 days . It’s can birth one baby at a times.

Mother addax taken 4-5 months on their baby & After 4 months they are independents from mother.

The coat of addax variety in colours, depending on season. In winter coat is a greyish brown colours and in coats are turns to lighter.

According to IUCN Addax are nearly exist in the wild.





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