[Honey bee] Apiary setting in apiculture

Setting of an Apiary:-

An apiary is a location where bee hives of honey bees are kept. Apiary comb in many size and can be rearal or urban depending on the honey production operation. Further more an apiary refer to a hives or those use for commercial or educational usage, for setting of an apiary . Consider the following carefully for selection and location of the apiary which are describe below:-

Selection of apiary:-

1.Selection of apiary location

2.Preparation of the hives

(1) Selection of Apiary location:-

Following things are considering for selection of apiary location.

  • Nectar and pollen sources:-

Nectar is a sweet secretion from the flowers and extra flural rectarins blossoms which is the basic raw products of honey. While honey bee travel in such at food they prefer to have it easily accessible with in 300yrs -500yrs of the  hives. There should be forage . Acia lable to the entire session, from early spring, through the fall of spring.

  • Easy available of water:-

Honey bees need water to survive not only do they drink water but they also use it to reconstituted crystalised honey and to make bee -bread which feed their developing larva so a natural source of water is very essential.

  • Exposer to sun light:-

Ideally the hive should be facing south, with a fare amount of southern exposer get at the same time or dipped sunlight can be a benefit to the hive during maximum summer and heat.

  • Protection from wind:-

The hive should be placed where along site a shead or other out building  . So that colonies are protected from stong preveling wind.

  • Keephives dry:-

These are suitable for fungal disease, bee disease, viral disease, which develop in wet conditions. So a spot should be choose for the apiary, dry and after good drainage prolong period of rain.

  • Protects colonies from harmful pestisides:-

Industrial farmer use insecticide. Herbicides &fungisides that affect health of honey bees. Protection of the colonies should be necessity from harmful pestisides so the apiary should be set up from harmful pestisides.

  • well accessible:-

The apiary should be well accessible for rearing extracting honey treating honey bees and transporting.

2.Preparation of the hives:-

Bee hives is prepared by following step:-

  • Setting of bee hive:-

Before bringing bees the hive should be completely assembly and setup at choosen location all the frame should be put together foundation is to be inserted the exterior of boxes should be pointed is to be inserted the hive components should be settle in place upon the foundation.

The beging with only one deep brood box should be set since bees grow their hive from the button up and the second box will not be added until the honey bees have drone and feed at least three quarters of the frames of the 1st box. The honey supper chember will not be added until the 2nd box has been almost completely filled. This prevents the honey bee from creating misshapen comb.

  • Packaged bess:-

Typically package bees are important. It is with or without queen. Package are ideal for bee keepers who have lost bee during the winter and have drawn come left over from previously hive.

  • Installing package bees:-

The package bees are protected from direct sunlight and store them in a loopdry place until it is ready to be installed.

The bees are feeded with a simple solution of sugar syra(1:loof sugar to water). Install package bee later on the day to prevent them from flying.

  • Feeding hives:-

If bees are risk of starving to death they are feeded with organic can sugar to seen them through till the rector begins to flow again.

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