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The herbarium is the place where specially plant species are dried, pressed and preserved on special sheets, which are arranged according to universal accepted system of classification. The herbarium sheets alongwith the specimens contain the date and place of collection, their English, local and scientific names, family and the name of the collector etc. It serves as a quick referral systems in taxonomical studies. For identification species manuals, flora, monographs catalogues and keys are used.

Uses of Herbarium:

(i) It provides information regarding local and other flora.

(ii) It provides correct and authentic identification of plants.

(iii) It helps in locating and breeding of plants, which are economically important and for producing better varieties.

(iv) It provides information about the ecology of the area where specific plants are located.

(v) It shows morphological variations found in a specific species.

(vi) It provides a quick referral system for taxonomic studies.

Important Herbaria

1. Royal Botanical Garden London (Kew), England

2. Museum of Natural History, Paris, France

3. Conservatoire at Jardin Botaniques de Geneve, Geneva

4. V.L. Komarov Botanical Institute of Azerbaijan

5. New York Botanical Garden, New York

6. Central National Herbarium (Indian Botanical Gardens),Sibpur, Kolkata, India

7. Madras Herbarium, Coimbatore, India

8. Herbarium of National Botanical Research Institute, Lucknow, India

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