Fish disease in aquaculture and it’s management (symptoms &treatment)


Fish are infected by bacteria, virus, protozoans, parasite which causes diseases. Some of the disease are describe below:

Bacterial Disease:
Red pest:
Red pest is called because blody Stricks that appeare in the body, fins or tails And in the severe  Cases the tail or fins falling of.

Treatment :-
As the disease is internal, external treatments are not effective. It slight cases disinfect aquarium with Acrifilavine using 0.2% Solution at the rate of 1ml per Litter. In Severe cases the Antibiotic is added to the food.

Columnanis :-
Columnaris is known as mouth fungus. Cottony patches around the mouth edges of scale & Fins.
loss of appetite and rapid gilling where gills are infected.
Causative agent –
It is caused by the bacterium flow bacterium columnar.

which This disease treatment by maintaing  with  good biological Filtration & well actuated provide the fish with variety diet and avoid overstock.
Several types of Antibiotics and medication Can be used to treat the disease which are penicilin, chloromycetine Marin etc. Feeding food dose with terramycin will help to treatment for this disease.
Tuberculosis (Piscine  tuberculosis):-

Calculative Organism
It is caused by mycobacterium piscium.
Fish become lethergic hollowbelly, pale skin ulcer fin and scale loss, loss of epithetic.
Treatment –
Most effective treatment of this disease Treat with Kanamycin and vitamin B6  for 30 days.
Dreopsy is caused by the bacterial infection of the kidneys, causing fluid accumulate or renal failure. The fluid in the body build up which cause blotting up the body and protruding scale.
The treatment is to added antibiotic to the food. The antibiotics are chloromy citine or tetracycline.
Tail rot & fin rot:-
Tail and fin rot appear to be a bacterial infection and may be caused by poor condition in the tanks.

This disease is treated by adding of the antibiotic to the water or food.
Fish vibriosis:-
This disease caused by variety of infectious strain of vibrio bacteria. Vibrio is a genus of gream negative bacteria.

In this disease the symptoms are lethargy Increase Respiration, loss of appitite, skin hamergge & death.

The best treatment include oral  antibiotics Kanamycin, chloramphenicol on furazolidone are good antibiotics for fish vibriosis.
The different protozoan disease are describe below:-
Velvet disease-gold dust diseases:-
Causative agents:
Velvet disease in fresh water fish which caused by oodinium. Which are parasiteskin flagellates this parasite swim in the aquarium. Untill it find a fish host and adheres to it.

Peppery cutting giving a yellow or light brown dust on body, respiratory destress, cloudiness of eyes, possible weight loss.
This can be treated either in the separate on main tank. A good treatment is CuSO4 at 0.2mg/1ltr to be repeated once in few days if necessary.
Clown fish disease:
Brooklynellosis :-
Causative organism:-
This disease is caused by a protozoan parasite called Brooklynella.

loss of epitite, devlop lesions, heavy respiration etc.
Formation and malachit green are two active ingredients that have been used to treat this infection.
Causetive organism:
This disease is caused by intestinal flagellated protozoan that attack the lower intestine.
The 1st symptoms is of slimy, white mucous faus is seen. Further sign are the fish hiding in the corner with the Head down, they blaken in colour and swim backward.
An effective treatment is the metronidazole which is an antibiotic.
White spot disease:-
Causetive organism:
This disease cause by a protozoa called Ichthyophthirious.

Salt like specks on the body and fine excessive skin and problem in breathing, loss of Epitite.

This disease is treated by Quinine hydrochloride on quinine sulphate at 30mg/ Ltr.

Viral Disease:-
The viral disease of fishes are describe below:-

causetive organism :-
This disease caused lymphocyte which is a virus and which affect the cell of the fish.
Nodular white swelling on body and fin.
This disease is treated by simply separate the infected fish and destroy the infected fish as soon as possible.

Fungal Disease:-
The fungal disease of fishes are describe below:-
Saprolegnina (fungus) :
Tufts of cotton like growth on Screen and fish egg turn white.

Use a solution of phenoxethol at 1% in Water & 10ml of this solution, Liter of water.
Loss of balance, hollow belly external cyst and core.
Treatment is difficult but Phenoxyeth of added to food in 1% Solution may be effective Chloromajunction added to the Food has been effective.
Parasitic disease:-
The parasitic disease of Fishes which caused by different parasite are given below —

Fish louse:-
Symptome –
The Fishlouse is flattened mote Like crustacean which causes this disease, the fish scross itself against objects clumped fins.
The lice can be picked off with a pair forcups.10-30 mm both in long per lit & Kmno4.
Black spot / Black ICK:-
causetive organism:-
This disease caused by a parasite (larval treatment), which borrow into the skin og the fish.
The irritated fish scraps itself against object. Small black Speck appear on the the body& around the mouth and it heavily infected there is loss of blood.
It is generally is to cure treating with salt both.
Er gasilus:-
The Fish Scraps itself against objects whitish green thread hangout of the fish gill.
This can be treated with 10-30 min both in 10mg/1ltr of Kmno4.
This may be caused by different species of flukes. The symptoms of the disease are the fish shows rapid gill movement, the fish scraps itself against objects and the mucous covering of the gills or body may be eaten.
Treatment with 10-30 min both with 10mg lit of Kmno4.
Nematod Disease:-
Nematods infers any part of body but only they hang out of the thus. But in heavy infection causes hollow bally.
Sock the food in parachloro metaxylenose and give the fish for both for several days.
leeches are external parasite and found on the body fins and gills of the fish.
It is treated by bothing the fish in 2.5% solution of salt for 15min . Besides  at 0.25mg/ltr to the water.

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