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Quick Facts:

Type : Bird
Diet : Insects
Colour : Black with a Fawn base
Weight: 46 to 89g
Hight: 8 to 10 CM
Length : 25 to 32cm
Habitat : Forest and hills
Range : Europe, Asia, Africa
Life span : 10 yrs
Scientific name : Upupa epops

Facts about Eurasian Hoopoe :

Is Eurasian Hoopoe a woodpecker?

Is Eurasian Hoopoe rare?
#No, but some country don’t have seen.

Is Eurasian Hoopoe rare in India?

How long do Eurasian Hoopoe birds live?

Do Eurasian Hoopoe mate for life?
#Monogamous unless it’s mate dies

Where do Eurasian Hoopoe live?
#Europe, Asia, North Africa, Sub – Saharan Africa and Madagascar.

What do Eurasian Hoopoe eats?
#Insects , small reptiles etc.

Can you have a Eurasian Hoopoe as a pet?

Where do Eurasian Hoopoe migrate?
#they are migrate birds, they are fly to Southern spain Or Africa in winter.

Where do Eurasian Hoopoe nests?
#They like to nest in Vertical surface with Cavities.

What is the scientific name of Eurasian Hoopoe?
#Upupa epops

How is wood pecker beak?
#Use their strong, sharp beaks to bore into trees to make homes.

Why do Eurasian Hoopoe have long beaks?
#It can help them to defense against enemy and collect food.

How does Hoopoe look like?
# a pinkish brown body, striking black and white wings, a long black down curved bill.

How big is  Eurasian Hoopoe?
# Between 10 and 12.6 in Long and 46 to 89 g. Weight but maximum weight is 67g.

Which country national birds is Eurasian Hoopoe?
#Israel in may 2008

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