DEATH – Zooconcept. In


” Death is the end of the life cycle when the cells stop functioning.”

Death is the ultimate truth in every organisms, which occurs when the vital activities of living body come to stand still. As a result of which no stored bio-energy in the body is mobilized for continuing the vital activities of the body Ageing is progressive deterioration of structure and function of cells, tissues and vital organ. So the ability to repair and resist declines. It leads to death (natural death) Death is the stoppage of life activities in an individual due to degeneration of body parts and increase entropy (When the vital biochemical reaction does not takes place in coherence permanently the condition is said to be death.) It is of two types :

(i) Clinical Death: It is characterised by ceseation of heart beat, pulse, non response of pupil to light inspiration or exopiration. In this type death most of the body parts remains alive. So, vital organs like eye, heart, kidney could be recovered from the donor under clinical death. It is the first phase of death.

e.g. During snake bite body of the person remains warm for a long period inspite of the failure of his heart beat or pulse.

(ii) Biological Death: Death of the brain due to non availability of nutrient, oxygen etc. All vital organ dies following the death of brain. No organ can be preserved once the donor enters the biological death. It is the second phase of death.


(1) Reproduction continually adds new individuals in the population.Death keeps the population growth under check. Death and reproduction contribute to homoeostasis in the population.

(2) Human body as well as body of other animals is protected against loss of fluid and invasion of microbes by a covering layer of skin made of dead cells.

(3) Death ensures materials cycling and maintenance of balance of nature. It is due death followed by decomposition through microbes.

(4) Feathers, (down) claws, nails, hair, hooves, horns of animals provide support for defencive purpose. All these are dead structures. These structures could neither provide support nor protection had they been made of living cells.

(5) The trunk of a large tree is mostly made up of dead cells.

(6) In Frog the cells of the tail and gills are programmed to die to help in metamorphosis. The cells having fixed period of life span have a phenomenon called programmed cell death or adopted operating inside the cell.

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