It was being called as the Novel corona virus. Now, then scientists have named it as SARS-COV-2;Because this virus is very similar to the SARS virus taht had spread in 2003 and hence it is being referred to as SARS-COV-2 & The disease caused by this virus has been named COVID-19. At the rate at which this virus is spreading, cities worldwide have been locked down to contain it’s spread school, restaurant, shops, cinemas, gyms, air -travel-all have been shutdown and what is the exact reasoning behind  this will be explained later in this video as to why it is so important.

Symptoms of the virus:-

Their analysis many COVID patients revealed that in 88%case Fever is mandatorily seen in the cases of COVID-19.There is dry cough in 68%of the cases. There is fatigue in 38%of the cases and shortness of breath in 18% them. If you have common cold, then the biggest symptom is a runny nose ;but the factor of runny nose in COVID-19 has only been seen in 50% of the cases. So, if you have a runny nose, then you can relax. It means that there is a high chance that you might just have the common cold and not COVID-19. When compared with flu, shortness of breath is a huge  difference. If you are having difficulties breathing , then it is a symptoms of COVID-19. It is not a symptoms of Common cold or influenza. Another important thing regarding the symptoms that has been said by the world-health organization is that only mild symptoms are visible in 80%of the COVID-19 cases. That is, 80%of the people who have contracted the COVID-19, will not experience a lot of pain. Their bodies will recover on their own without doing anything. Sever symptoms are visible in 14% of COVID -19 cases and 4.7% of the cases will require critical care and they will need to go to the hospital. In the rest of the cases, there might be fatalities. Generally, on average it can take 5-6day for symptoms to show up in your body;but you are contagious in have contracted the infection while you assume yourself  to be healthy and fit and you have no disease but then too, you can spread infection to other people. This is what makes COVID-19 extremely dangerous.

The symptoms are not visible in the people and they go out and intract with other people and they spread the disease.

How to the covid virus spread:-

This virus is mainly spread by person to person contact, if you are in close contact with an infected person, that is if you are around 6feet close, then you have very high change of contracting the virus .

Another source is respiratory droplets;when an infected person coughs or sneezes, then if the respiratory droplets that come out go inside your nose or mouth, then you too can get the infection and if these respiratory droplets persist in the air. If they fall on a surface, then this virus can survive for a day on cardboard and the virus can survive upto three days on plastic and steel.

RO that is, reproduction rate tells us the reproduction rate of the virus, RO means how many more people will an infected person infect, on average. The SARS virus that had spread in 2003 had an RO value similar to it, if not more, but then too, that virus did not spread anywhere beyond china and South East Asia. For some reason the world was successful in controlling it and now it is not successful in controlling the novel corona virus.

Social Distancing:-

Due to this virus, takes of social distancing are being done today that is, avoid getting out of your home and when you do get out of your house, then maintain distances from the other people maintain a distance of approximately 6-7feet . So that you do not come into close contact with them and the infection does not spread a lot. If every one practice social distancing how much of an effect it would have on the spread of the virus.

In this time many infected people will come in and not enough hospital beds will be available for them. So the people that can be saved will not get saved  . This is called flattering the curve and this is the exact reason  why COVID-19 bacame such a huge crisis in world.

Today the situation is so pathetic that the doctors have to decide which patients to treat first, while there is only one hospital bed. Now the countries across the world have been taking more action towards social distancing.

Chances of Death:-

If we divide the total number of deaths by the total number of cases worldwide, now this number would emerge to be around 4%but expents still believe that the mortality rate of COVID-19 is only around 2%because there are a lot of cases that are not being reported. There are a lot of countries that are asking people to come for tests only when symptoms are visible. But we have seen that only mild symptoms are visible in a lot of cases and lot of people are being rejected for testing as sufficient testing is not available. So it is quite clear that if we want to restrict the spread of this virus, then testing needs to be increase to in our country.


  • Use soap and water clean your hands.
  • Maintain a safe distance &wear mask.
  • Don’t touch every time mouth, nose& eyes .
  • Cover nose and mouth in the mask everytime.
  • Stay home stay safe.
  • If you have fever, cough and difficulty in the breathing, show medical attention and home isolation.


Mask can help the spread of the virus from one person to another person. But mask do not protect against COVID-19 virus.


  • Isolation yourself in a room and wear 3layer mask.
  • Use a triple layer mask and clean hand with washing with soap and alcohol based sanitizer.
  • Don’t share personal thing with other people &check own oxygen levels in the body.


  • In this time normally all COVID-19 vaccine currently available.
  • Vaccination is a way to help build protection.

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