Brood stock management in fish:Aquaculture

Brood stock management:-

Brood fish is a fish that is mature enough to give egg and sperm and are usually large large in size.

Generally 2to3 yrs of old fish called fishes weighing 2to3kg are used as brood fish. Brood fish usually show gonadial naturally to give sperm Or ovum.

Brood stock management refer to the aggregate of methods that the farmer uses to handle his animals in the forms. These methods include feeding, squaring the animal uder aquaculture condition. The farmer usually mange two solution steps in their hatcheries these are:-

  • Selection of the largest size finger limb
  • Selection of largest size mature fish that remain in the pend after the Harvest period.

In addition, the selection of largest size finger limb will lead to the inbreeding depression therefore selection of the larger size. Finger limbs to produce power will face the inbreeding problem. This will affected on growth and survival rate.

Breeding plans for indian major carps:-

The recommend management approaches are:-

  • The pedigree of the stok should be recorded along with the history of some important tracts such as growth & disease resistance.
  • The farmer should start the base population from the base strain that is suitable for his fram.
  • Separated the selected line from the unelected population.
  • Spawning should be separated according to the age to avoid breeding between parents and offspring.
  • Selected for spawners before sell.

Specific breeding stage to avoid inbreeding:-

To minimize the inbreeding depression rate in aquaculture system, the following procedure should be fallowed.

  • Use at least 50 spawners, 1mate pair consists of 2 males and one female, which distributed 50mates pairs.
  • Collect fingerling from each matepair to produce new spawners.
  • Avoid breeding spawners that come from different generation.

Objective of brood stock management:-

The objective of brood stock management are describe below:-

  •      To ensure the proper care &management for the brood fish.
  • To ensure developed culturable fish production by proper management.
  • By using selective & line processing method, the problem of productive devloped fish species can be solved by inter reproduction.

Brood stock Nutrition:-

Brood stock nutrition is provided important fry by maternal dietary intact. The three main ingredients such as carbohydrates protein & fat have an influences such as carbohydrates protein & fat have an influence on food digestive. In addition minerals trash elements, heavy metals are also necessary.


Carbohydrates are variable as in expensive energy in the diet starch are the main source of available carbo.


Proteins are the measure organic material in fish tissue. A regular intact of proteins is required for growth reproduction & maintenance.


Fats provide energy fish needs the essential  fatty acids for normal growth & reproduction.

Lipids to be believe one of the key nutrition factors influencing egg, hating rates & larvae surviver.

Role of trace elements on fishes:-

Complementary function of selenium & vitamin E may allow nutrients intract physiologically.

Role of cobalt:-

Heavy metals are measures source of pollution in natural water which damage the kidney & liver.


Vitamines are organic compounds necessary in the diet for normal fish and health. They often are not synthesize by fish and most be supplied in the diet. Vitamin E protects biological molecules.

With the initiation of reproduction interaction become possible between reproduction, body growth & maintenance.

It was demonstrated that if fishes wate achive to a specific size before beinging to reproduce, they loss important time & expose themselves to increase chance of mortality.

Important of brood stock management:-

The important of brood stock management is:-

  • Brood stock management is important because proper brood fish management gives quality egg & sperm brood stock management is one of most important part of successful aquaculture. Proper brood stock management decrease the fry mortality & increase production and gives huge amount of stronger & disease free.
  • Proper brood fish management is the key to success of induced spawrning.
  • By proper management of endangered brood fishes it is possible to save endangered fish from extincts.
  • Brood fish management gives the supply of fry and appropriate type & low cost.

For recommendation for brood stock management:-

  • For choosing brood stock, the stocks should have first growth good body confirmation disease resistance, fecundity.
  • Appropriate does for hormone induction for corp should be followed for good Quality seed production.
  • That should be adequate facility for stock which are separated from each other to avoid in breding.
  • To create skill personal trining program should be organised.
  • Workshop should be conduct yearly by fisheries resource industries, department of fisheries & university.

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