This is not a disease. The formal name of the black fungus disease is Mucormycosis. It is an infection of the Mucorales fungal family. Those fungi belonging to the Mucorales family and fungi of this order are found almost every where.

In found in soil, in the environment, in the decaying fruits and vegetables. They are generally very Commons. It is the symptoms this area starts looking black is the reason, why it is known as BLACK FUNGUS. 

It is a fungus anywhere you see, this fungus is already there. So it is called an Environmental containant. This disease comes under the category of opportunistic infection. These infections do not cause trouble in normal conditions but when ever these Viruses, Bacteria and fungi get the opportunity, they attack and infect people.

If you catch COVID-19 , there is around a 90% chance that your life will be spared. You will came out of it alive. But if you get infected with BLACK FUNGUS there is only a 50% chance of survival. It’s death rate is around 50%.


when the immune system of the person is weak ;this Mucorales fungus, is normally found in a lot  of place in our environment and healthy person then there will be no problem at all.

They would not even know that they have this fungus in their body. But if the immune system of the person is compromised, the immune system is weak, and there can be immune system then the person can get infected.

It has commonly spread in following types:-

  1. Through the air:-

When you breathe, there are numerous spores of this fungus in the air. They can enter your lungs and infected you.

2.Though the food:-

If the food is spoiled or has decaying fungus on it. It can reach your stomach and cause an infection.

3.Through the woulds:-

If the spore contaminate your would, But the most common way is through the air. They infect your lungs when you breath them in the area of the nose and the sinus, are the most common areas. Where the blood flow is restricted here the skin gets discoloured, often into a black colour. This is why it is called Black fungus.

It is not that the fungus is really black coloured . Instead, it is the symptoms this area stars looking black is the reason why it is know as Black fungus, from here the infection can spread to the eyes and brain as well. It can cause blindness, headache and seizures as well.

If you have any other disease like cancer and you are getting chemotherapy treatment if weakness your immune system.

If you have Diabetes or if you are getting the treatment for COVID-19 or you are using steroids for a long period of time or you are overusing steroids. That can lead to a weak immune system as well. Taking advantage of this, the fungus can get inside your body and get you infected and there can be several ways of getting inside your body.

Even then it is  a rare disease because if your environment is clean then such disease do not occur, generally.

The environment should be clean and people should not be using steroids and the other drugs that suppress the function of the immune system. Which are know as immunosuppressants when they are used as a part of any treatment, they MUCORMYCOSIS may happen.

  • How to the symptoms start showing:-

When people are very immunocompromised, then the progression time is less than a week. So the person gets to know that they are infected with in a week.

If you do get infected, the symptoms that you might come across depends on the area of the body where the fungus is growing.

If we talk about the area of the sinus , then you may get toothache, blurry vision, headache, nosal congestion black lesions may form here and you may also get a fever.

  • If this infection started spreading from your lungs;then you may get fever, coughchest pain, bloody vomit or caugh  or shortness of breath.
  • If your skin is infected, it any wound gets infected then the area around the wound will start turning black.
  • If it starts from your stomach, that is then you will get abdominal pains, nousea, vomiting;But the most common is getting infected while breathing.

The symptoms are very general. A biopsy is required to diagnosed them and it there an infection in the lungs X-rays & CT scans are needed.

This is a very dangerous disease for anyone catching it. The death rate is very high, as I told you already. The mortality rate is 50%, but if it gets very severe, then the death rate may reach 90%.

But the good news is that, this disease is very rare. The immunocompromised people, those who do not have a good immunity even they rarely healthy person, if your immune system is good, then you do not have to warry at all.


How to prevent Black fungus:-

The sugars should be tightly controlled and the second thing is that only people who needs to take steroids.

Other than steroids overused and Diabetes the new information that is comming is that overusing antibiotics and inhaling steam can also increase the chance of Black fungus infection.

Three potential cause:-

  1. Overuse of Antibiotics:-

Because antibiotics apparently increase the risk of fungal infection.

.Zinc supplements:-

Taking zinc supplements, because fungi can grow easily in a Zinc-rich environment.

3.Excessive steam inhalation:-

If you inhale steam, it increase the moisture in your body and  for fungus to grow, moisture and humidity provide a good environment. Second the steam is so hot that when you inhale it, it can cause burns inside the body.


  1. Anti-fungal medicine:-

As a treatment, anti-fungal medicine are given to the patients but currently, in our country there is a shortage of anti-fungal medicines too. Because this disease is spreading so fast through out the country.


The second method of treatment is thought surgery. The infected tissue is removed from the body often, in several patients, it meant taht their entire jaw had to be removed.

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